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Heratri Topics Vol.9 "Sun Yat-sen Scolds Xi Jinping"~ by Sohken Kobayashi


  Sun Yat-sen, the Father of the Nation for Taiwan, and the Forerunner of the Democratic Revolution for mainland China, has been widely revered among the people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
This time Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, invited the spirit of Sun Yat-sen and had him speak freely of his true intentions for the future of China and make comments on the real Xi Jinping on Feb.8th, 2012.
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  My impression is that Sun Yat-sen was scolding Xi Jinping on behalf of Zeus from Chinese Heaven.
It is true that the government of China has long covered up the fact that Sun Yat-sen disliked Marxism in reality, hating the phrase, "Religion is opium": he was baptized as a Christian in Hawaii.
In addition to that he was against the struggle of class regardless of his inclination to equality of Man. From a historical point of view he was a man of George Washington rather than that of Robespierre.
The spirit of Sun Yat-sen was disappointed of the victory of Mao Zedong over Chiang Kai-shek and strongly insisted that the history of China would have chosen another way if he lived a longer life instead of passing away at a relatively young age of 58 in 1925. 

  He is still greatly respected in mainland China not only because Beijing exalted him as the forerunner of the revolutions in order to make it easier to annex Taiwan, but also because he was a man of virtue and was viewed as a revolutionary sent by heavenly Zeus.
Sun Yat-sen is now regretful of what the Communist government has done and what Xi Jinping will do.

The Revolutionary or the Divine, Who Dispatches the Revolutionaries?

  Political leaders are often spiritually guided from Heaven in histories throughout the world. For example one of the guiding spirits of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was the spirit of the Great Shun around the 22nd-23rd ancient China.[1]
In the spiritual interview, Sun Yat-sen refrained from commenting who he guides or inspires from Heaven among the Party or some groups in China, saying that the next president Xi Jinping is now making people in both the Party and the militaries tread on the tablet of crucifix to judge their loyalties.
He also described the anxiety of the Beijing authorities or Xi Jinping himself being unable to identify who Master Okawa really is; whether he is one of revolutionaries sent from Heaven or, terrifying to say, the existence who himself dispatches the revolutionaries from Heaven on his own will.  

  Sun Yat-sen confessed that he believes in the Master's good will to guide the nation of China peacefully to more freedom, more prosperity, and more democracy in the  near future. He also requested the leaders of China to realize what Sun Yat-sen truly aimed for  more than a hundred years ago, if they are to call him the Father or the Forerunner of modern China.

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[2] If you would like to know more about "real Xi Jinping", refer to vol.1 of this cite
     Heratri-Topics, Unveil the Real Xi Jinping