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Heratri Topics Vol.10 "Romney vs. Santorum?~The Reason Why They Are Not Truly Popular~"~ by Sohken Kobayashi


  Political situations are sometimes observed objectively from outside, especially in the US.
On Mar.8th The Financial Times, based in London, described Mitt Romney as if he was defeated although he gained six states out of ten on Super Tuesday. It also sentenced that the Republicans, who were absorbed in knocking down Barack Obama, were not absorbed in Romney himself as the candidate to defeat Obama.

  In fact The New York Times featured "Conservative Pundits Concerns at Mitt Romney's Conviction" on Feb.16th, where they were quoted as saying,
"Concerns that his convictions are not as genuine and deep-seated as their own",
"The real problem here is that he does not have fluency with conservative ideas".

  Why has Mitt Romney failed to present an impression as an enthusiastic conservative? The reasons seem to be derived not only from his "fluency" of speech or his "disengaged" relationships, but something else which is more important and deeply-rooted in his spirit.

  Last month an astonishing book was released on this issue outside the US, unexpectedly in Japan, which successfully explains why these phenomena have occurred.

Withdrawal Is "The Manifest Destiny" of America

"The Next President~Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum" by Ryuho Okawa ,[1] is available at in the Kindle version.(See last)  Excerpts can be accessed at;

  Honesty is one of the major characteristics of a guardian spirit and it is sometimes greatly helpful to access to one's guardian spirit in order to confirm his real
intentions regardless of his rhetoric or services to voters.

  Surprisingly, the Guardian Spirit of Mr. Romney confessed that he does not intend to defend Western allies in Asia against China, saying;
"Japan should ask China to be permitted to let their tankers through the Western Pacific",
"Withdrawal of the militaries from Asia is "the Manifest Destiny" of America because of our huge deficit. We must shrink our military budget if the US wants to survive, which is fate no one can change",
"I do not know enough about the Asian areas, so you should have a conference with China and make a good decision by doing something such as "Rock-paper-scissors."
I remember that his presidential manifesto includes the increase of the 7th Fleet, but his Spirit manifested his indifference to Asia and the policy of "Economy Comes First(or, Solely)". 

  In addition to that, the Guardian Spirit of Rick Santorum spoke of "amazing stories".
"My main interest is to keep good families and the traditional American life",
"The strong policy of being the world policeman will make unhappy families all over America, so I do not like military actions",
"The US is no longer a superpower. It is only one of many powers. China will dominate the world within the next decade and Japan will be absorbed into China, so you should start studying Chinese".

The Secret Agreement between Romney and Santorum

  It is a fact that some polls show Rick Santorum to be one of the likely candidates for  vice-presidency, but I was really surprised when his Spirit said that his top priority in the primary is to get the seat for the vice-president candidate.
"Romney needs me, but Gingrich does not",
"We are enemies right now, but after this August we will be close friends".
And the Guardian Spirit of Santorum strongly suggested the existence of a secret agreement or, at least the tacit understanding between Romney and himself.

  Moreover his Spirit frankly spoke that he believes in Catholicism a little, faith is an appearance, and that he does not pay much attention to religion.
Meanwhile Romney said roughly,
"I love Mammon, the fundamental faith of America is toward Mammon, but it is the top secret of this country".
We can not easily interpret this remark as just a joke because Master Okawa already researched the origin of Mormonism through spiritual readings. That is why Master ended the session of Romney by commenting,
"I am afraid that the US economic crisis is coming if the next national leader believes in Mammon".

Only Newt Aims for a Strong America

  Only Newt Gingrich was consistent whether he was speaking on earth or his Guardian Spirit expressed his true intentions and it is also turned out that he is the only one GOP candidate who really aims for a strong America.

  2012 is the crucial year for the global community because all the presidents of the US, China and Russia have national elections or the change of its top leader.
Master Okawa has already made and recorded the spiritual readings of Xi Jinping and       Putin by way of their Guardian Spirits, which has revealed respectively terrifying and remarkable world strategies of theirs.
What is the choice of America?       
In any case Japan should increase the military capabilities by its own initiative.

[1] The Next President
~Spiritual Interviews with the Guardian Spirits of Newt Gingrich vs. Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum~
Author: Ryuho Okawa
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 146 KB
Publisher: IRH Press Co., Ltd. (February 28, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heratri Topics Vol.9 "Sun Yat-sen Scolds Xi Jinping"~ by Sohken Kobayashi


  Sun Yat-sen, the Father of the Nation for Taiwan, and the Forerunner of the Democratic Revolution for mainland China, has been widely revered among the people from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
This time Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, invited the spirit of Sun Yat-sen and had him speak freely of his true intentions for the future of China and make comments on the real Xi Jinping on Feb.8th, 2012.
The Japanese summary of his remarks is uploaded on

and its English version is coming soon on

  My impression is that Sun Yat-sen was scolding Xi Jinping on behalf of Zeus from Chinese Heaven.
It is true that the government of China has long covered up the fact that Sun Yat-sen disliked Marxism in reality, hating the phrase, "Religion is opium": he was baptized as a Christian in Hawaii.
In addition to that he was against the struggle of class regardless of his inclination to equality of Man. From a historical point of view he was a man of George Washington rather than that of Robespierre.
The spirit of Sun Yat-sen was disappointed of the victory of Mao Zedong over Chiang Kai-shek and strongly insisted that the history of China would have chosen another way if he lived a longer life instead of passing away at a relatively young age of 58 in 1925. 

  He is still greatly respected in mainland China not only because Beijing exalted him as the forerunner of the revolutions in order to make it easier to annex Taiwan, but also because he was a man of virtue and was viewed as a revolutionary sent by heavenly Zeus.
Sun Yat-sen is now regretful of what the Communist government has done and what Xi Jinping will do.

The Revolutionary or the Divine, Who Dispatches the Revolutionaries?

  Political leaders are often spiritually guided from Heaven in histories throughout the world. For example one of the guiding spirits of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was the spirit of the Great Shun around the 22nd-23rd ancient China.[1]
In the spiritual interview, Sun Yat-sen refrained from commenting who he guides or inspires from Heaven among the Party or some groups in China, saying that the next president Xi Jinping is now making people in both the Party and the militaries tread on the tablet of crucifix to judge their loyalties.
He also described the anxiety of the Beijing authorities or Xi Jinping himself being unable to identify who Master Okawa really is; whether he is one of revolutionaries sent from Heaven or, terrifying to say, the existence who himself dispatches the revolutionaries from Heaven on his own will.  

  Sun Yat-sen confessed that he believes in the Master's good will to guide the nation of China peacefully to more freedom, more prosperity, and more democracy in the  near future. He also requested the leaders of China to realize what Sun Yat-sen truly aimed for  more than a hundred years ago, if they are to call him the Father or the Forerunner of modern China.

[1] Ryuho Okawa, The Golden Laws  Chap.3
[2] If you would like to know more about "real Xi Jinping", refer to vol.1 of this cite
     Heratri-Topics, Unveil the Real Xi Jinping