Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heratri Topics Vol.8 "I Killed My Father by Injection"~ by Sohken Kobayashi

  It was made public by the North Korean Government on Dec.20th that Kim Jong-il,
the Dictator of "Kim Dynasty", died of a suspected heart attack while travelling by train to an area outside Pyongyang. Various conjectures or even suspicions have been casted over his unnatural death but the Western nations and medias are not able to freely  access to insider informations, thus we have no alternative means to know what really happened in Pyongyang and where the successor, Kim Jong-un, aims to go.

  In this emergent situation Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, carried out the spiritual readings on the next day of the publication, that is, Master called the spirits of both the father and the son, and made them speak through Master's tongue. This is the only direct interview to them which reveals the "facts" and their real intentions.

  The readings (interviews) are disclosed completely through the video seminars in Happy Science Shojas,Temples,Churches and Branches in Japan, regretfully in Japanese language service only, and the summaries of them are uploaded on the Liberty Web Site ( ) also in Japanese. The words of Master, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un in this essay are quoted from the above site.

"I Didn't Get on the Train, I Was in Hospital"

  The most astonishing "testimony" by Kim Jong-un is;

"I ordered the doctor to inject my father to death."
"And the doctor was killed shortly after his 'medical treatment'".
"This is not surprising, because the histories of Dynasties are those of assassinations."

  These remarks are supported by the following words of Mr.Kim Jong-il, whose spirit still believes that he is alive because of not knowing the truth of life after death being a materialist;

"I didn't get on the train. I’ve been sick in hospital recently, so how could I possibly ride a train?”
Kim Jong-il claimed that while in hospital he felt a burning sensation in his body, which strongly suggests the effect of the "injection".

  Meanwhile Kim Jong-il made quite important comments for the governments of the US, Japan and South Korea;
"We have not yet been able to make a nuclear warhead small enough to load on the short, middle and long range missiles."
"I have been afraid of a sudden pinpoint attack on me by the US special commandos just like the operation against Usama bin Ladin."
"But Jong-un is absorbed in how to attack, and I suspect he does not take into account the possibility of his being air-raided by the special services or weapons of the US.


  The US Will Bring the Kim Dynasty to an End in 2012

  In spite of various bluffs by them in the "interviews", Master Okawa concluded in his insight that 2012 is the last year for the Kim Dynasty and that the Korean Peninsula will be united democratically in 2012.
  Master also had another insight that the US intelligence agencies have already started to investigate whether someone can push the button of nuclear weapons after Kim Jong-un is killed, and that they will make further investigations on whom the US special attack should kill in addition to Kim Jong-un if there remains some persons entitled to push the button after the killing of this new dictator. These investigations, Master said, will complete within a month.

  Kim Jong-un suggested that it would be a good chance to move or attack when a new president of South Korea is elected. The US can make use of this timing for intervening North Korea when Kim provokes the Western allies. But the presidential election in South Korea will be held in December 2012 which would seem too late especially for the Obama administration and ruling Democrats.

  Master said that President Obama is becoming stronger at war and has put away the enemies one by one.;

"Unexpectedly in American history, the Democratic Party, instead of the Republicans, often caused the wars or sometimes tried to resort to force such as J.F. Kennedy and F.D. Roosevelt."
"The transfer to this young successor will make the US decide to prioritize the Korean Peninsula over Iran, at least until the US presidential election."
"It is decisively crucial for the government of Japan to cooperate with this US strategy."
"Faster actions are much better for the US, because, as time passes, Chinese buildup will become stronger. So if America is to make a move, they should do so in 2012."
"Japan, the US and South Korea should sweep the nuclear warheads in North Korea, including Russia and deterring China which is now slipping down in the beginning of the economic crash."

  Time has come.
"If Kim Dynasty is to collapse, it should occur in 2012. We can liberate this nation."