Monday, October 10, 2011

Heratri Topics Vol.7 "The Alien Who Operated the Spaceship Which Plunged into the Offshore of Florida"~ by Sohken Kobayashi

  On Aug 23rd, 2011, Master Ryuho Okawa attempted "The Supreme Remote-viewing" once again, following that of AREA 51 in Nevada on Aug 4th. This time he used a more advanced power, by which his Cosmic Body(Buddha's Consciousness) warped time as well as space itself (i.e. warped timespace) toward the offshore sea of Florida at midnight on July 26th, focusing on the falling spaceship which radiated white light and was broadcasted throughout the US.

  His Remote-viewing covered the period from just before the incident to shortly after that under the ocean, and revealed to us what really happened inside the UFO.

 From the Planet of the Apes

  According to the Remote-viewing the alien looked a junior "ape", and quite intelligent but failed to operate this spaceship. He was alive for a while after sinking into the ocean, but soon after, his consciousness left his body, which usually means "death" on earth.

  His mother planet or his mother ship apprehended the spacecraft being discovered and retrieved by the US Navy, and made it vanish by a single switch operation. Meaning their level of technologies is higher than those of the aliens whose spaceships crashed to ground and have been retrieved for more than 70 years on our planet.

  What kind of alien? He was an Alpha Centaurian, according to the Soul Reading of Space People by Master Okawa. The Alpha Centauri is one of the nearest stars from our solar system (about 4 light years away).

  I recognize that most of the UFO/alien researchers around the world are astonished by the fact that the Alpha Centaurian is ape-shaped: informations from various testimonies have indicated that the Alpha Centaurians are like humans,

exactly the same as us. They are partly correct. In fact some are humans or humanoid. But others are ape-types such as chimpanzee-like and gorilla-like.

  Wow! Is the story of "the Planet of the Apes" a fact?  Correctly to say, the stories of the movie series include, in some points, facts. At least they seem to be based upon certain facts in the Alpha Centauri system.  

  Of course humankind was not conquered or exterminated by the ape-kinds on their planet but the first movie in 1968 and the second in 1970 seemed to include some reality in the content that the "apes" had more advanced scientific technologies while the humans were more religious and countered by using psychic powers.

  Moreover, time travels are often key factors in the stories of this series, especially in THE PLANET OF THE APES in 2001, while the spaceships of the Alpha Centaurians are skilled at time travel as well as space warp according to the Master's Reading.  

  It does not seem to me a coincidence that "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", the latest version, was released this year both in US on Aug 4th and Japan just on Oct 7th, when UFO/alien phenomena are rapidly increasing on this globe. I am convinced that some inspirations have come down since the beginning of this series, even in the original book by Pierre Boulle in 1963.

  Existing Alpha Centaurians are benevolent as is supported by the testimonies in the US. They now intend to appear gradually, cooperating with other space brothers such as the Pleiadians and the Vagans, for the advent of the age of universe on earth. The Remote-viewing tells it unfortunate that the "astronaut" in the UFO was a green junior. He planned to make a splendid debut and attract great attention from all over the US but in vain. Mother ship seniors were said to smile bitterly and "erase" his small craft as soon as possible.  

From America to China?

  There was but one more Remote-viewing attempted on Aug 23rd, targeting the UFO which appeared above the City of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam on the following day of July 26th. This appearance was also broadcasted throughout the world.

  When Master Okawa focused on this spacecraft and his Consciousness entered into it, he found one Gray who had two almond-shaped eyes, of which head was pointed, presumably the captain of the craft, and two other usual bald Grays.

  As I mentioned in vol.6, the US military-industrial complex was found in the Remote-viewing to change the aliens who had cooperated with them in the late Eisenhower administration. And the aliens, who had been "cut off" by the US military, was said to access later to the government of China and promote themselves to their military.

  UFO/alien researchers in the US well know what species had once made "the covert agreement" with the US government. Yes, they were at first the tall Grays but later their boss, the Reptilians. And Master Okawa pointed out that both the Reptilians and the Grays had been kicked out.

  The aliens who were on board in the UFO over the Vietnamese territory was confirmed the Grays and was also discovered to evaluate the reactions of the Vietnamese Air Force in order to offer them to the Chinese intelligence agencies and militaries. Master also remote-viewed that the aliens in their mother ship were the Reptilians.

  I emphasize once again, the arms race on this globe must be watched in the broader context of the extraterrestrials. If you are doubtful about what I have mentioned, I suggest you confirm them to someone you know who is related to things concerned. It will reveal to you how Master's Remote-viewing is correct.

  There are many rumors that the aliens, living in the underground base of AREA51, have shielded their base in some way so as to block the remote-viewers to enter, and that the well-trained viewers of the US military and the intelligence service have actually been blocked and failed to break in. But Master Okawa easily broke through their barrier and searched throughout the underground base with no difficulties.

 This is Buddha's Supernatural Power, and, the revelation and the demonstration of Buddha in modern times.