Monday, September 12, 2011

Heratri Topics Vol.6 "The Aliens Who Really Exist in the AREA 51 Underground Base and their Unprecedented Activities"~ by Sohken Kobayashi

   The video of the Supreme Remote-viewing throughout the AREA 51 underground base by Master Ryuho Okawa has been just released in Happy Science Shojas (Big Temples) this month. It has disclosed shocking and amazing facts as well as the interventions of the 2012 US presidential election by the specific military and intelligence group, which include the "direct" intervention towards one eminent candidate, as I mentioned in Heratri-Topics vol.5.

  There have so far been many testimonies on the AREA 51 that the joint researches and developments have long been under way between the US military and the aliens, and some of the testimonies are supported by this remote-viewing. But the most astonishing discovery for the experts of UFO/alien phenomena, I am convinced, is that the aliens are, in absolute, new species, at least perfectly different from what have been estimated for a long time.

  Not only are these new types not in the soul readings of space people by Happy Science, but they are neither Reptilians in general meaning, what is called large-nose Grays, famous short Grays, nor any types of humanoids in the American orthodox categorization. As far as I know, they are not included in 57 or 58 species which US related agencies secretly specified within their circle.

  It is tremendously surprising that the real species have been kept in perfect secret for more than 50 years, ( the video suggestively indicates it "occurred" in the late years of Eisenhower administration just before the appearance of President Kennedy), while other secrets, such as the trial manufacturing / test flights of US made UFOs and genetic manipulations for a kind of "hybrids" in the AREA 51, leaked out. I believe that it may be big news and may be one of the greatest contributions in this field.

Why did their existence have had to be kept in secret?

  The video points out one possibility. Both cosmic readings in Happy Science and extra-terrestrial news sites in the world show that the Chinese military and government recently started to contact with some aliens. Rather, it may be more correct that some aliens started from their side to contact with the Chinese authorities. Why?

 The video does not deny the possibility that those aliens once "had covenanted" with the US militaries and cooperated with them in the AREA 51 or elsewhere. If so, why did they change their partner, more to say, why were they obliged to change? What really happened in the late years of Eisenhower administration while President Eisenhower was probably kept in the dark? You should better watch this tremendous video for more information and details.

  In any case, as I described in vol.3 according to the recent "readings" in Happy Science, it is certain that both US and Chinese buildup of forces and technological innovations are secretly backed by different aliens respectively.
We must see the terrestrial arms race in a wider context from the view point of the extra-terrestrials.      

Changing-the-future Project?

  When you survey the forefront of physics, you can easily find out the limitations and numerous exceptions of conventional physics such as the theory of Relativity and the Big Bang theory. In fact, for certain aliens, time warp is possible as well as space warp.

  For those who are acquainted with extra-terrestrial issues, it is very famous what had been experimented in Montauk, Long Island. Many researchers have wondered what the specific time-warp apparatus is and who gave this technology in the Montauk covert project. The answer is in this remote-viewing. It is the definite answer and, in a sense, a terrific answer as well.

  Those who can operate the time-warp machine can also operate the future. More clearly, they can change their future to their liking. At the least the video points out that this alien in question have given the US military and intelligence agencies the various informations they have acquired by utilizing this mechanism; those are their forecasts and what they have observed in their future timespace.  

  I have some doubt about the intention of this alien. It is quite opaque why they cooperate with the US. It seems to me that the future of America and the rest of the world might be decided, or at least be directed by them while the President and the Congress are kept uninformed.
  These are but a small part of the whole content of this video. I sincerely recommend you to access to this Master's Supreme Remote-viewing.