Monday, August 29, 2011

Heratri Topics Vol.5 "The New Watergate Scandal ?"~ by Sohken Kobayashi

  The new video lecture is scheduled to release on Sep.10, 2011 in Happy Science Shojas. It is lectured by Master Ryuho Okawa ,titled
"An Attempt at Remote Viewing the AREA51 US Base in Nevada".
The lecture contains various attractive issues with overwhelming impacts but I would like to present to you a kind of preview on the most controversial point of this lecture.

  It was filmed on Aug.4 in the open space of Happy Science Tokyo Headquarters. During the lecture Master Okawa remote-viewed AREA 51, mainly the underground basements of deep floors.

There have been various rumors and testimonies concerning this base for a long time, such as

(1) the reverse-engineering of retrieved UFOs of many types of aliens
(2) joint researches and experiments between aliens and US militaries.

I will not mention here what Master remote-viewed concerning these mysterious "facts", as this is a preview, but I can definitely point out as follows;
Besides the fact that the lecture consists of subjects which are of interest to all Japanese citizens, its contents should be known first and foremost to the voters of the next US Presidential election in 2012 .

Targeting the next Presidential election

 Before I go into the very subject of this essay, I must request of you to not take the word of "remote-viewing" in its commonplace meaning.
Remote-Viewing in this context has different dimensions from those of ordinary remote-viewings such as American supernatural investigators or Russian special psychic spies.

As is known by those who are familiar in Buddhism, it is one of the six great supernatural powers which Buddha, who attained Great Enlightenment, acquired as proof of Real Buddha. Buddha can go anywhere and see everything, though the target may be located 1,500m underground, by letting his cosmic body leave his material one and fly there through another dimension. So His Viewing is quite accurate compared with those of mere psychics.

  The Watergate scandal, as you know, was a case where the former US President Nixon was forced to resign because of the alleged engagement of wiretaps against Democratic National Headquarters in Washington D.C.
If what is made open in this lecture is true, and I for one believe it to be true, I can say that this lecture points out events equivalent to the Watergate scandal.

Needless to say, I am not saying that President Obama is engaged in such a matter. Everyone knows he is not the type; the direction of the operation might be rather reverse.
I am obliged to use indirect expressions as this is a preview, but the event that has occurred in the underground base of AREA 51 directly targets the Presidential election in 2012.

  To my eyes, as one who loves democracy as a universal value, it looks as though it is a serious challenge against American democracy.
The issues of aliens in the US have often been discussed in the context of the legitimacy of governance, in concrete, they have always been accused that a lot of decisions of great influence have been made where neither President nor Congress knew.

I am not necessarily in the same position with the people who severely blame the interest group concerned, but at least, I understand that the electorate cannot judge properly in the next Presidential election unless they are informed of the operations in the deep underground of AREA 51.  I am afraid that American democracy might be silently undermined.

  I repeat. These events directly connect to the 2012 US Presidential election. I do not merely refer to the covert projects of the US militaries. I understand that in the background they are seriously worried about the increasing threat of Chinese forces buildup. But I believe it is up to the voters to finally determine the extent of what is right and what exceeds that extent to be wrong.

 I sincerely hope this lecture contributes to the proper choice of the future for both US people and humankind.