Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heratri Topics Vol.4 "Dr. Hawking and The New Devil" ~by Sohken Kobayashi

  The recent series of strange announcements by Dr. Hawking made world intellectuals of good sense surprised and shocked.
 "The Grand Design" published last September and coauthored by Dr. Hawking triggered the series of following phenomena.
Dr. Hawking said ,
 "God is not necessary to explain the origins of the universe,"
 "The Big Bang is a consequence of the laws of physics alone." Furthermore he clearly stated in a related context to the book, "Science makes God unnecessary."
In addition, he even made comments on an interview by British newspaper The Guardian issued on May 16th, 2011,
 "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."
And this coverage was distributed all over the world and his statement earned frown worldwide.
Surely Dr. Hawking is a leading astro-physist in modern times, but when you look at his remarks in detail, you can obviously find ridiculous comments in the past.
According to Hubert Mania, a science writer, Dr. Hawking even said,
 "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star."
It might be possible to have an opinion like that however it is not only me maybe who sense abnormality in his expression.
Many people have been impressed by the idea that Dr. Hawking showed in his book "A Brief History of Time" which became a worldwide bestseller on 1988, he expressed “ the generous attitude towards religion”(“ the idea of God is not inconsistent with scientific understanding of universe”). However, according to Dr. Hawking’s words, “He started to have opposite idea from aforementioned one due to the discovery of a planet on 1992 outside of our solar system and the new system had one fixed star (sun) and the length between the sun and the planet was about the same length as between our earth and our sun as well as the mass of the discovered sun was almost same as ours.”
He said the discovery therefore made him strongly come to believe that “Rare environment on earth for human beings to be able to exist is not created by God but it is made only by coincidence,” and this idea led him largely inclined toward atheism.  
 However the true aim of this context is to clarify the “truth” and the “fact” hidden deep under Dr. Hawking’s “explanations” by searching within in his depth psychology or subconsciousness.
Therefore this is not only a “counterargument from religious point of view” but I dare to say that this is clarification, investigation and even a kind of dissection by advanced religion,which includes truly advanced science, if Dr. Hawking is praised with his achievements, which is called advanced science. 

Taliban-like Way ?

Dr. Hawking’s position may be opposite to accept the idea that “God created universe” even if there seem to be no reasonable grounds or premise. Even though, he also asserted without premise in “The Grand Design” that “We are in a sense Creator.” and  “If the answer to the question ‘Who created universe?’ is ‘God’, the question has merely been deflected to that of who created God. We must be careful that he also jumped to conclusion without any grounds.
When I see those words placed between scientific and sophisticated expression in the context from a point of view as a professional editor, “The Grand Design” looks as its purpose is causing “imprinting effect”.
 And Dr. Hawking insisted on replacing M-theory advocated by himself on behalf of Einstein’s “Unified Field Theory” and denied the existence of “Unified Field Theory” and also tried to make himself as an advocate of “final theory”, however this was criticized by many physicists.
What drew my attention was that “If you deny Unified Field Theory, especially ‘Unified Field Theory of Gravity and Electromagnetism’ which Einstein made special effort when he was alive, it will close the door to the development of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) by human beings”.
I felt some kind of “intention” here or “malignancy” more to say, however I will not describe it in detail here and let’s see feedbacks of “The Grand Design” from the world.

 I surveyed through the book review for “The Grand Design” of last six months and their reactions were generally unfavorable. Not only the people in the religious world severely confronted his opinion but also many scientists did not give him positive remarks.
In my opinion Richard Dawkins, the author of “The Selfish Gene” gave highest appreciation to his book . There were some media which published positive reviews, but New York Times, Financial Times, Economist and other majors published critical reviews simultaneously.
Marcelo Gleisier, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College said, "Because we do not have instruments capable of measuring all of Nature, we cannot ever be certain that we have a final theory. There will always be room for surprise, as the history of physics has shown again and again. In fact, I find it quite pretentious to image that we humans can achieve such a thing."
This comment sounds much healthy to me.
The comment Baroness Greenfield, a leading scientist in Britain, happened to let drop at the interview in BBC radio program was interesting. She said, "Of course he can make whatever comments he like, but when he assumes, rather in a Taliban-like way, that he have all answers, then I do feel uncomfortable."

Possessed by The Cosmic Devil

 There is a reason that I paid attention to the comment of Baroness Greenfield because it was consistent with following incident even though it was coincidence. It has been one and half years since Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science started to research extraterrestrials’ consciousness within people’s depth psychology which is called extraterrestrial channeling. More than sixty kinds of extraterrestrials has been identified by Master Okawa through his “channeling” which is about to be the leading edge of spacepeople study, finding more than “fifty eight kinds of extraterrestrials which were confirmed,” mentioned by Philip Corso in “The Day after Roswell”.

 By continuing series of research it has become gradually clear that “There are also Devils and Satan existing at the hell of the universe as well as such beings stay in hell of the earth.”
You can say they are the existences hidden behind Lucifer who appears in the Bible.
Let’s temporarily name the existence “Ahriman” after “Existence of Darkness” (evil) in Zoroastrianism. And the following expression might sound like “Star Wars” of Hollywood movie so it is embarrassing to state ,however, I dare to say it because it’s true.
The fact figured out was that “the name of the supreme commander for invading earth sent by Ahriman is Kandahar and he is now giving inspirations to Dr. Hawking”
As you know the Kandahar is the name of the city where the headquarter of Taliban was located. Of course it is not related to “Kandahar” as city of Afghanistan or the movie called “Kandahar” named after that city.
However the remark of Baroness Greenfield was so symbolic even though it was a coincident. Right, Dr. Hawking spoke exactly in Kandahar (Taliban)-like way. 

 It was on April 20th. Master Okawa had tried to contact Dr. Hawking’s subconsciousness anticipating that “his subconsciousness (his old brother or sister souls) might be originated in universe” guessing from his speech and behavior.
The soul mate (subconsciousness) repeated very materialistic and cynical statements and made clearer the thoughts of Dr. Hawking’s soul in his body (i.e. expressed his true intention) and bluntly said, “There is no future for human beings on earth”, “ You can never resist aliens”, “The fate of human beings is becoming feed, chicken or slaves” and went back.
Those weird statements were impressive, however even more surprising was that aforementioned evil Kandahar had appeared and identified himself as “I am the one who is giving spiritual instructions to Dr. Hawking”. He might be unable to put up with the disclosure of his true intention and phenomenon.

 According to spiritual inspection (channeling) by Master Okawa the fact became clear that Kandahar has been not only giving inspirations to Dr. Hawking but also “he has been pulling wires from behind (obsessing and giving inspirations) of second and third generations of modern natural science and philosophy when they fall down to materialism in last two hundred to three hundred years of human history even though their first generation (ex.Newton and Kant) believed in God”. 
 “Scientist obsessed by evil” is an interesting phenomenon, however whispering (threatening) “I am Lucifer” is understood by minister of church but it doesn’t make sense to materialistic scientists. So a new devil is necessary to manipulate those scientists by whispering, for example, “I am Hawking”. If he dies now without changing his thoughts, Dr. Hawking might possibly become so in his afterlife. This may be the Kandahar’s real purpose. 
  Of course you don’t have to be afraid of darkness and devil.
In the recent movie called “The Rite”, Anthony Hopkins acted as exorcist there and stated, “The moment when devil’s true identity is revealed his power disappears.” As he said when their true figure comes to light, “terror” which is their strongest weapon would have no effect anymore. More than anything else, as stated in “The Laws of the Sun” (written by Ryuho Okawa/ IRH Press), hell is like a phenomenon that “estuarine saltwater of materialism,…..may try to contaminate the River’s waters, they cannot block it and are eventually washed away by its mighty flow.”(The Laws of the Sun) So when a great river goes down to sea, hell is not an existence which can equally confront with heaven which has overwhelming power (The River of Love). 
However, people in the world better know that this kind of spiritual existence is giving inspirations to Dr. Hawking now.

  Old soul mate of Dr. Hawking (brother/sister soul or his subconciousness) also “testified”,
 “There are some many people who are making movies by getting inspirations from aliens who have intentions to make human beings on earth to surrender themselves to aliens by inflaming their fear without fighting them”. 
  By the way in the “Skyline”, a movie which will be released on June 18th in Japan, a newscaster quotes Dr. Hawking as follows at the beginning of the movie.
"Stephen Hawking, astro-physist and arguably one of the smartest people on the planet warned us about the possibility of aliens from outerspace. Hawking said that if extraterrestrials visit us, the outcome might be similar to when Columbus landed in America. In other words, it did not turn out too well for Native Americans."
 “Threatening” and “Imprinting” seems started already. We must be careful.
It is true that “Knowledge is power” and “The truth shall make you free”.