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Heratri Topics Vol.3 "Chinese Government’s Contact with Some Aliens" ~by Sohken Kobayashi

 It is still fresh in our memory that the number of unidentified flying objects (UFO) and their eye-witnesses drastically increased in 2010. Their unprecedented appearances and the witnesses have been confirmed all over the world―especially in China, Japan, USA, and Russia. People on the globe, however, still do not know what actually lie behind all the incidents. Why we saw such a sharp increase in 2010? Why the space people or aliens appeared the way they have never done before?

 It was January 1, 2010 when such an important “spiritual video recording” was conducted at a classy space located in the center of Tokyo, surrounded by a number of foreign embassies. Two months later, in March 17, the recording was published as a book titled, “Introduction to the laws of the universe- THE FACT” (written by Ryuho Okawa, published by IRH press). It is not uncommon that, “aliens send us messages through channeling just as the spiritual entities in the other world do” in the west coast of USA, London, or Sweden. However, what makes the book so distinct compared with ones in the same kind is, for one thing, that the contents are so integrated and rational, covering a wide range of the topics, that they are academically verifiable; for another, it provides extremely important insights into a variety of issues that Alien/UFO specialists of today are now facing and cannot give effective answers.  

 In the book, six “spiritual entities” appear. One of them is called Enrilone of the ancient Sumerian gods’ namewho was found,under the spiritual reading by Master Okawa, born 4,800 years ago (as a human, of course) in the present southern part of Iraqi. He was virtually the head ofwhat the specialists call“the Native Reptilian”. (To tell you the truth, the Reptilian is not the entity of earth origin. (They are termed “Native” because they came to the earth earliest among other Reptilian races.)

 By the way, it is the US movie, “THE 4TH KIND (a kind of documentary movie based on the series of abduction cases that took place in the state of Alaska) which Master Okawa went watching around the end of 2009that triggered the video recording. In the movie, the “true-culprit” aliens never make an appearance, and instead, the “owl-type aliens” appear as their agent. The “true-culprits”, nevertheless, control the abductees  and contact with humans using the words, which is the same as the ancient Sumerian. In the true-to-life movie, “a Sumerian linguist shows up as interpreter for the aliens”, which is rather bizarre.

 I will refer to other five spiritual entities mentioned in the book just briefly here. The 2nd entity the Master contacted was Confucius, saint of ancient China. (The reading revealed that his main work now is to contact entities of other universe). The 3rd entity was Athena, who is presently only known as a goddess in Greek mythology. She was actually born in Greek 3600 years ago from now and lived her life bearing the name, such were revealed also by the reading.  One of her brother or sister souls (part of one’s soul each having an individual character) now guides aliens of two stars, which brought her to the video recording.

The 4th entity is Rient Arl Croud, a brother soul of Master Okawa. He was born about 7000 years ago as a king of the ancient Peru and lived in the Machu Picchu; Legend Birakocha (Wiracocha) represents his life. Also, he is now at the deepest position where  the spiritual messages spring ,and which come down to the truthful channelers in South America. (In other words, he is the leader in the spirit world for the channelers sending the messages). Actually, he is the entity in charge of negotiation and contact between the terrestrial spirit group and other space entities, having the authority of the permission for the entry into the terrestrial world.

The 5th entity is the guardian spirit of Zecharia Sitchin, who died last year. When the recording took place, he was still alive; therefore, Master Okawa contacted his soul brother (guardian spirit).

Aliens started contacting with the Chinese Government.

 Finally, the 6th entity is the famous George Adamski. The “flying saucer” that he first contacted with in 1951 became famous as “Adamski saucer”.  Before he died, he called himself a “Venusian”, and the spiritual reading of this time revealed it was true. (You may wonder, “Can living matters exist in Venus, a star with high temperatures made of sulfuric acids?” Unfortunately, due to the limited space of this paper, I cannot delve into the issue by giving a number of grounds, this time. In fact, it is regrettable that the artificial satellite AKATSUKI of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) failed to enter Venus’s satellite orbit last year. If the mission had been successful, we might have obtained new data that could have backed up my point.)

 According to the messages by Adamski, USA and Soviet Union were supported by different types of Aliens during the cold war era. Actually, in the book titled “Gorbachev's memoirs”, there is a scene where General Secretary Gorbachev gave rather complicated answer to then USA President Reagan when the President told him with a straight face, “Let’s deal with the invasion of aliens together.” 

In addition, Adamski says, “Different types of aliens have great interest in China now. Although which of the types are going to lead in building relationship with the Chinese government is still not clear. It is, however, apparent that some aliens are targeting China.”

 Not only China, India is also approached by other aliens from behind. According to Adamski, “competition among nations on earth has been accelerated by their intervention.” It is not difficult to guess which aliens are behind India when considering the history of the country. Anyway, Master Okawa will reveal the name of them when the time is right. In the meantime, I will go on with what Adamski mentioned about China in the following:

 “China consists of many ethnic groups, each approached by slightly different aliens, resulting in creating a mosaic-like influential zone in the country.”

 “Among the powers on the globe against USA, some of them are influenced by aliens.” That is to say, some aliens behind the Chinese government are leveraging the government to counteract the aliens behind the US government.

 It is well known that the most aggressive group among aliens that are influencing the US government is the “Reptilian”; some (other) Reptilians are, he points out, trying to align with the Chinese government, as a matter of fact. He also says, the “Confucius group aliens (Cygnus group) are also coming down to China”.

 These are the summary of the “Adamski’s spiritual messages”on China, in which, what concerns us most is, “They are trying to influence science and technology of China”. To be more specific, the Chinese government’s intention of “grabbing the military hegemony”now becoming obviousand “Contact with some aliens”what Adamski’s points outseem related. In addition to the existing military forces, if “technologies involving sky or space” should be given to China by aliens, this could exert critical impact on not only Japanese but also US securities.” We could no longer take “alien stories” as nothing but occult or entertainment. Among active Japanese politicians of today, Mr. Shigeru Ishiba, Policy Research Council chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party(the former Defense Minister), may be the only one who can follow this theme. However, I suppose, it is only a matter of time before we can no longer ignore things about aliens.

Xi Jinping knows.

 It is very interesting to note that, on the news sites outside Japan specialized in this subject, many China-related news has been posted since last March as if in synchronization with what I have mentioned so far. According to the information, about three types of aliens have contacted with the Chinese government, and some of the sources even referred to the place of the contact and the content of pact made between the aliens and Chinese authorities. I have been watching the Chinese government for years, and there is one thing I have always wondered (which is why I decided to write this essay ). The question is, “Is the President Hu Jintao informed of the details of the contact with aliens?” As of this moment, various circumstance evidences have made me to conclude that, “It is highly likely that he has not been informed ofor at least the details of the contact.”

 On the other hand, Mr. Xi Jinping, China’s de facto next President, is supposedly “informed of the fact well enough.” In the book titled, ““Reading the mind of Xi Jinping: the man who aspires for becoming the emperor of the world” (written by Ryuho Okawa), Xi Jinping’s sub-consciousness (or guardian spirit) clearly stated that, “In regards to the seizure of the Chinese trawler off the Senkaku islands, I am the one who mounted the anti-Japanese demonstration, while President Hu Jintao was left out of the loop”. He also said, “I mounted the demo to upset him so that he would approve my assuming the next President of China (then, he realized it later by taking up his position as Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China). Hu Jintao must have been taken by surprise by the shoot behind his back”.

Moreover, when putting pieces together now becoming apparent, I assume that Hu Jintao had been left out during the incident of the Chinese ship collided with the Japanese patrol ships off Senkaku Islands. On the contrary, keeping track of what was happening then, I have received the impression that Xi Jinping was “taking full control of everything”. Hu Jintao seems to have never achieved the full control of the military force for his 8-year tenure as the President after all. In the mainstream faction of the military, the personal connection of the former President Jiang Zemin has still been deeply taken root, which apparently has caused him to give in. Evidently, the personal connection of the former President is beginning to be handed over to Xi Jinping.

When putting “series of the information regarding China” together, it is virtually undeniable that “Contact between those involved in the Chinese military and some aliens has already started”. Given this, however, it is still unclear, for whom such information are actually provided within the leaders of the government or those in power.

This is not unusual. Take, for example, US presidents. It is already confirmed that some presidents were well informed of the fact that the US military and aliens had made contact (cooperative ties between them including the provision of technologies), while others were not. This is because the military (or military-industrial complex) chooses whom they tell the truth or not. To those who do not make any difference or who might endanger the military when informed, the truth has not been told. 

For example, among the past US Presidents, President Eisenhower was informed foremost and fully aware of the circumstances. He must be the only US President who has ever met several types of aliens. President J.F. Kennedy took over the merits and demerits of the official contact (or deal) with aliens, and was also familiar with the circumstances. As a matter of fact, Kennedy met Adamski (and asked his opinions) behind closed doorsthe episode is in the book written by Adamski himself, not in the “spiritual messages” aforementioned.

Concerning other US Presidents, Jimmy Carter of Democratic Party won the Presidential Election, promising, “To disclose the information of UFO and Aliens” in 1976. Such was he; he was probably not informed of anything meaningful while he was in office. George H.W. Bush (father Bush) may be one of the US Presidents who were well aware of the alien contact. In a way, he was one of the leaders of the group that is making official contact with some aliens, including military personnel and war-industries, which supported his election. Consequently, his son, President George.W.Bush must have known that very much.  President Obama may probably know the least. However, according to some sources, “He might mention something about aliens witnessed or the contact by the government in the past during the important speech to be held early this year.” These are the situation concerning the alien contact within USA. It is quite likely that the Chinese government will follow the similar path, more or less.

Why China’s space military cannot defeat Japan

 As you can see by now, the Chinese government (or military) has already started to contact with some types of aliens, and some administrative leaders are fully aware of the fact while others are not. There is no doubt that Xi Jinping and top military leaders know it pretty well. Yet, President Hu Jintao probably knows little about it, and it is not surprising that general administrative officials know nothing. Such being the case, I would not care at all if they would read my essay and regard me as just one of the “UFO geeks”. I understand they do not know much about it; however, I wonder how their supervisors would react when they read my words?

Only several commanders of the Chinese military know the factalmost ten, I suppose. Reading this essay, those who know will be appalled and say, “Why does he know so much?” They will be made to realize that they can hide nothing before the “Savior” who can look through everything as if watching through the telescope including what one really thinks. They will be surprised to find out that the “Savior” is none other than the Master Okawa. I am anxious to know how they would respond to this fact.

 While witnessing the military officials’ dismay, I am quite confident that, among “all the fuss about UFO in China” reported during the last year world-widely, included were cases beyond the understanding of the military officials. In other words, there were some aliens among them that they have never encountered.

 Last month in Japan (December 4), more than thousands of people witnessed 50 to 100 flying objects that were showing a variety of regular movements and other variations of forms up in the sky over Yokohama Arena conference hall right after the Lecture Meeting of Master Ryuho Okawa was held. As is often the case, the incident was not covered by the coward Japanese media. A celebrity (singer), however, transmitted what he saw by Twitter, and eventually it was become known throughout Japan. Let me explain what really happened to those who were unable to be there. They were like “a group of dancing flying objects” witnessed in New York on December 9 (five days after the Lecture) , which was posted on You Tube several times as large in scale. Later, referring to the flying objects appeared in Yokohama, Master Okawa said, “As I mentioned about some aliens towards the end of the Lecture, they show up to prove that I am right”.

 As another example, many of you may have seen a gigantic UFO that appeared above Hangzhou, a city of Zhejiang province in China on July 8 . The flying ship showed up as if illuminating the ground with searchlight, forcing the airport nearby to close. The shocking video has been transmitted all over the world.

  Emerging 1000 m above and making the airport dysfunctional, the spaceship must have appeared in an unprecedented way. Two days later, on July 10, Master Okawa told us during the lecture held in Tokyo, “I was the one who caused the appearance of the gigantic spaceship, which belongs to the Pleiades star”. His remark was enough to silence the entire audience in the lecture room.

Before that remark, he said, “China is now behaving outrageously around Senkaku islands and South China Sea, taking advantage of increasing naval power, with which Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force has not yet matched. To take countermeasures against them, I made the space people of the Pleiades to show up their spaceship”. He added comment on the appearance of the spaceship forcing the airport to close: “This must be a warning against the Chinese government from the Pleiades people”.

 Whether you take the story as a joke or believe itit is entirely up to you. Yet, I am absolutely confident about how the ten commanders of the Chinese military aforementioned would take my wordsbecause they were entirely at a loss as to how to handle the spaceship.

Where did the Pleiades-type UFO appear?

The special articles featuring UFO were in “People’s Daily” dated July 23 (military version, not for general public). I guess, even “People’s Daily” can no longer ignore UFO after the spate of the UFO-related incidents. Among the articles, the “Airport closure case in Hangzhou” was on the top of the list. And here comes the important part of this essay: “Why the Pleiades’ UFO showed up there?” The reason has to be investigated.

In my opinion, it did because there is the “nuclear missile base” nearby. Then, what are the nuclear missiles deployed in Zhejiang base locking on to? According to the information I obtained, it is Okinawa, Japan. The nuclear missiles base targeting Okinawa and Taiwan exists there. The relation between the base and the appearance of the spaceship has not been referred to at all in People’s Daily, of course. The purpose of this part is to clarify the link between them.

In the night of July 12, five days after the Pleiades spaceship appeared, UFO appeared in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, causing a huge fuss; and in the following day on 13th, the same UFO appeared there again. Why did they appear there? It is because “Nuclear fuels base” and “Uranium concentration factories” are located nearby. Since the atomic power generation is not as popular in China as in Japan, the nuclear fuels created there are mainly provided for manufacturing nuclear bombs. Therefore, it is highly likely that the UFO appeared above the spots to threaten them. Sure enough, “People’s Daily” (military version) has not referred to it. Yet, I assume that the Chinese military officials threatened by them know precisely why they appeared therebecause the same article includes the Roswell case of US that took place in 1947.

Roswell, located in the state of New Mexico, used to be the base of  atomic bombs. Enola Gay, B29 bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima belonged to the Roswell air base then. When UFO appeared above Roswell in July 1947, there were two or three bombs in the base, which was confirmed. The US military must have known exactly why it appeared there.

The description about the Roswell is in the latter part of the article in the People’s Daily ). Considering how the article is comprised, the Chinese military officials must be aware of what the US counterpart learned by experience: “UFO appears where nuclear weapons exist or where they are going to be used, to give us warning”. The article apparently shows that China has probably become aware of the warning.

(Note) This essay is based on my lecture held on December 17, 2010, at Happy Science Hokkaido Shoshinkan during the 7th-day appreciation ceremony. In the lecture, two of the UFO videos shot in China were shown as described in the following.

 I am going to play two videos, both of which were shot in China: one in Tsingtao, Shandong province, and the other one, in Hefei, Anhui province. I chose these two among a number of UFO videos of China because they “appeared where nuclear missile base is nearby” not to mention they are such surprising videos. The nuclear missiles of Shandong province are targeting at the entire Japanese islands, while the other missiles in Anhui province are locking on to Okinawa and Taiwan just as ones in Zhejiang province mentioned earlier. That is to say, nuclear missiles in both bases are aiming at Japan. Therefore, the two videos were selected, mainly, in terms of showing “UFO that appeared near the nuclear missiles base targeting at Japan”.

 The first video was shot during the midnight showing the movements of the red spots clearly. This is not an image of several flying objects moving, but the several “antigravity devices” mounted under an UFO taking stride while emitting the red lights. The way I see the dimension, amazingly, the spaceship is at about 100 m above the ground flying slowly. “The number of witnesses was several hundreds to one thousand”, the newspaper article said. Although the video is a little obscure due to the darkness, this is real, without doubt.

In the second video shot in Anhui province, you see the small image showing a flying object that appeared up above the large city. You can see the spaceship flying irregularly, in every direction. As it soon comes down so close to the buildings that you can tell this is surprisingly a large UFO when compared with them.

 The purpose of the essay is to explain, “Why the number of witnessing the UFO in China has rapidly increased lately” and the reason behind it. The Chinese government has been increasingly asserting its hegemony against the surrounding countries on the ground of its strengthened nuclear arms or nuclear missile forces. They should, however, humbly accept the fact that such a gigantic spaceship of Pleiadeswhich they have never imaginedshowed up in China and reflect upon the reason behind it.

During the night, I sometimes dream about myself “shooting down all the incoming nuclear missiles, right and left, riding on the spaceship of Pleiades or Vega, as a patriotic star worrier”. The ten commanders I mentioned earlier would not regard the dream just a joke. I am now investigating comparative merits and demerits of the Pleiades/Vega technologies, and those of the Reptilian. The bottom line is, it is clear that teaming up with the Reptilian will not get you anywhere; you have no chance of winning, after all. 

Most of the readers may be appalled hearing this. If, however, the message can reach the ten commanders, the essay’s mission is accomplished.

P.S. Master Okawa has continued the search of aliens, and some of the findings were published in two sequels: “Breaking the Silence: Interviews with Space People” (written by Ryuho Okawa, published in July 2010), and “SOUL READING OF SPACE PEOPLE” (written by the same author, published in August 2010). Including the cases that have become clear after the “Reading” besides those in the books, more than 40 types of aliens have been confirmed so far. It will be only a matter of time before he confirms more than 58 types of aliens, the number already confirmed in USA, according to “The Day after Roswella “classic” in this field.

Introduction to the laws of the universe- THE FACT” (written by Ryuho Okawa, published in March 2010)

Breaking the Silence: Interviews with Space People” (written by Ryuho Okawa, published in July 2010)

SOUL READING OF SPACE PEOPLE” (written by Ryuho Okawa, published in August 2010)

The Day after Roswell”(written by Philip Corso, published in June 1998)

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